The Days Before Computers


A Computer Was Something On TV

From A Science Fiction Show

A Window Was Something You Hated To Clean….

And RAM Was The Cousin Of A Goat…

Meg Was The Name Of My Girlfriend

And Gig Was Your Middle Finger Upright

Now They All Mean Different Things

And That Really Mega Bytes

An Application Was For Employment

A Program Was A TV Show

A Cursor Used Profanity

A Keyboard Was A Piano

Memory Was Something That You Lost With Age

A CD Was A Bank Account

And If You Had A 3 1/2″ Floppy

You Hoped Nobody Found Out

Compress Was Something You Did To The Garbage

Not Something You Did To A File

And If You Unzipped Anything In Public

You’d Be In Jail For A While

Log On Was Adding Wood To The Fire

Hard Drive Was A Long Trip On The Road

A Mouse Pad Was Where A Mouse Lived

And A Backup Happened To Your Commode

Cut You Did With A Pocket Knife

Paste You Did With Glue

A Web Was A Spider’s Home

And A Virus Was The Flu

I Guess I’ll Stick To My Pad And Paper

And The Memory In My Head

Nobody’s Been Killed In A Computer Crash

But When It Happens They Wish They Were Dead

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