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BP Oil Spill Billboard Tweets

bp tweet billboard

How Convenient! BP: It’s Like Magic! Huh. I guess I can’t. You win this round, BP. I wouldn’t want to taste those rainbows. Ouch. We can only hope that’s not true. ... Read More

Crazy Insane Pics


Bob thought it would be hysterical to hide Tonys house keys in the last place he would look.  Unfortunately he had a key finder and made Bob go fetch.  It could be worse I guess ..well no I dont think... Read More

Funny Coincidental Pictures

Funny Coincidental Pictures

Some coincidental events captured on camera which happened to be funny as well.  Read More →

Most Hilarious Pictures

humorous picture

This broad should definitely not be allowed to be a cheerleader.  Read More →

Passed Out Girl

people around the world

This girl must do it right because she was passed the fuck out right on the floor of a public bar bathroom! She will regret that one the next for sure. ... Read More

Funny Man Boobs

The Mad Guide to Man Boobs

Have you ever seen a big, fat, hairy guy at the beach with his man boobs hanging out? Well, here is the funny man boob directory so now you can easily identify exactly what the craziness you are looking... Read More

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